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Trig assignment?

Trig assignment? Trig assignment?
TO Topjohnny17 asked on 13 January 2021, 23:38
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Trigonometry help?

Please help me to answer these 1. One diagonal of a parallelogram is 88cm. This diagonal makes an angle of 36° and 18° respectively with the sides. Find the lengths of the sides of the parallelogram. 2. A mango tree is 10 m high and is located at the top of a hill. The distance from the foot of the hill to the top of the mango tree is 40 m and the distance from the foot of the tree to the foot of the hill is 25m. Find the angle that the foot of the tree makes with the sloping hill. 3. Three provinces M, N and 0 are strategically located to form an oblique triangle Province M is 300 km from province N and 400 km from province 0, while province N is 200 km from province 0. Find the angles that separate the three provinces. 4. MV Josh leaves a port at the same time with MV Jem. MV Josh sails 45° northwest at a rate of 7.5 kph while MV Jem sails east at the rate of 12 kph. Howifar apart are they after sailing for 3 hours?
Trigonometry help?
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