Resultant forces?

R is the resultant of the four forces A, B, C, and D. Find the magnitude of the angle θ and the magnitude of C.
Resultant forces?
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Please solve?

Problem 1: Consider an observer, holding the rame S1, and running at U.9c with respect to another observer who is holding the frame S2. The relative motion is along the x-axis of the frane S2. There is a clock static in the frame S1 at all times. It was found running for an hour from 1pm till 2pm, as observed in the frame S1. What duration is noted by the observer holding the frame S? What should be the spocd of the observer S1 with respect to S2 such that the duration in S2 is twice the duration in S1? How about 10 timnes the duration of S1? Based on your calculation, and using the Lorentz factor 7, argue why the rela- tivistic ettects remain hidden even when we comnute on planes which cruise at around 1000 km/hr. .What changes are to be made in the above calculations if the speed of light is doubled?
Please solve?
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Problem 1-9 (IAA) On December 1, 2020, Wacky Company established an imprest petty cash fund 2020 Dec. 1 Established an imprest petty crush Fund of P10,000 writing a check on National Bank 90 Replenished the petty cash fund by writing a chic?

Problem 1-9 (IAA) On December 1, 2020, Wacky Company established an imprest petty cash fund 2020 Dec. 1 Established an imprest petty crush Fund of P10,000 writing a check on National Bank 90 Replenished the petty cash fund by writing a chick on National Bank. The fund contained Currency and coin Vouchers for selling expenses Vouchern for micellaneous expone Vouchers for equipment 100D 0.000 2.000 2.000 Dec. 31 The petty cash fund was not replenished. The fund contained Currency and con 6,000 Postdated employee'e check Vouchers for an expenses 1.500 Vouchers for transportation 2.000 2091 Jan. 15 Encashed the employee's check. The proceeds were retained in the fund. 31 Replenished the petty cash fund by writing a check on National Bank. The petty cash vouchers for January expenditures are Distribution coste Administrative experts Transportation Payment for supplier's invoice 500 2.000 1,000 1.200 Required: 1. Prepare journal entries to record the transaction 2 How much is the petty cash on January 31, 2021 before the replenishment? 25
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What is a carbohydrates function?

Explain in 2-3 sentences
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Finding the coefficient of inclined plane?

I have tried but I get 0.54xx,thr answer given is 0.519
Finding the coefficient of inclined plane?
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(Question in Screenshot)?

Shown below is the graph and equation of a function describing data rate of an internet service provider's data line. D is the data transfer rate, measured in Kilobytes per second, and t is time in seconds. Produce an estimation for the total amount of data transmitted (in Kilobytes) during the first 4 seconds.
(Question in Screenshot)?
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Organic Chemistry?

Organic Chemistry?
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Help. I'm new.?

The coldest region on the earth is :
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Solve please ..?

Solve please ..?
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Cyclic multiple?

Write a Java program to generate a random number and find all 2 digit cyclic multiples of this number
Cyclic multiple?
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A consumer carries ₹ 50000 with her. Case A: She (consumer) used to spend same amount (i.e., ₹500) on petrol in each week; Case B: she used to spend 5 litres of petrol in each week. Calculate the elasticity of demand in each case (A & B separately) till the entire amount got spent and justify your answer using the appropriate equation or diagram.
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Engineering Economy?

A plant has capacity of producing 8000 units per month of a product, which it sells for 1.50P per unit regardless of output. The monthly fixed costs are 2800P and a variable cost of 4800P at 75% capacity. What is the fixed cost per unit at the break-even point?
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How to derive the total expenditure curve?
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Chemistry Lab 7 APEX.pdf?

Chem. Lab 7 1. What is the color ofbromophenol blue in an acid? In a base? It is colored yellow in acid and blue in a base. 2. How did you get the solution to change from blue to yellow? The pH level change affected the change in colors. Low levels Of C02 or acid in solution with bromothymol blue indicator will appear blue. As the level Of C02 or acid increases, it will allow the solution to adopt a yellow hue. 3. Why did the solution change from blue to yellow (What chemical reaction happened)? The chemical reaction is called an indicator. 4. How did you get the solution to change from yellow to blue? The reaction was reversed. 5. Why did the solution change from yellow to blue (What chemical reaction happened)? Since the reaction was reversed the solution changed colors, and this is known as an indicator. 6. After Procedure Step 3, the solution in Well Al was in equilibrium. What happened to the solution in Well Al during Procedure Step 5? Did the equilibrium shift? Explain this on the basis Of the Le Chatelier Principle? Le Chateliers prmciple states that the concentration Of a product is reduced in a chemical reaction that was in equilibrium. The equilibrium shifts to the right to favor the formation Of products. Le Chateliers principle says that chemical reactions in equilibrium experience a disturbance in the reaction conditions that will make the equilibrium to shift in the opposing direction Of the change to restore the steady-state. If the concentration Of a product is reduced, the equilibrium will shift to the left to try to restore the initial amount Of product and achieve the steady-state again. ****** Result for Image/Page 2 ****** 7. Why did the colors in the Wells A1 and A3 change a second time in Procedure Steps 7 and 8? Was this because Of reversible reactions? Yes, due to the nature ofthe reaction.
Chemistry Lab 7 APEX.pdf?
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Copy of Final Beloved Questions?

Beloved Analysis Questions, p. 236-324 (end) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. How is it that Sethe can now relate to Baby Suggs contemplation Of color? (237) In her final days, Baby Suggs pondered color because she "never had time" before. As an ex-slave and an oppressed individual, Baby Suggs lived in a world Of black and white, figuratively and literally. African Americans also never had a sense Of ownership Of anything, so when she had come to rest, she finally could appreciate colors the world had to offer. This is also the result Of the murder Of Beloved, which essentially destroyed Baby Suggs. She pondered all the colors, but could never get to red, most likely because it reminded her Of Beloved's blood at the time Of her death. What happened to Sethe's mother's face? Interpret this both literally and symbolically. (240) Sethe's mother had worn the bit so many times, that it disfigured her face into looking as if she had a permanent smile. However, this has symbolic significance because she appeared to smile, even when she was not smiling. This represents the taking away Of her vitality and Of her happiness by the white slave masters. It also may represent an irony, in which she wished to be happy, but in reality, was living a terrible life. What's a Saturday girl, and how is Sethe saved from being one? (240-241) Saturday girl is a girl who works at the local slaughterhouse on Saturdays. She almost became one herself following her release from jail, as a way to pay for Beloved's headstone. However, the Bodwins save her from this fate by getting her a cooking job at Sawyer's restaurant. What's significant about Baby Suggs getting knocked down in the Misery? (246-247) Baby Suggs was always afraid Of getting knocked down by a white man in front Of her children. She didn't want her kids to see her get knocked down because it would make them go crazy. However, Suggs witnessed whitemen take down Sethe and subsequently got knocked down by white men. She became depressed. Baby Suggs lost her happiness and pride at this moment where she lost to white men. Why does Denver think Beloved belongs to her (and though it isn't written, there's a suggestion Of exclusivity)? (247) Denver believes Beloved belongs to her and only her because Of their past together. Denver drank Beloved's blood in the process Of being breastfed. She was the only one to accompany Beloved with a favorable attitude when she was merely a Ionesome spirit in the house. Denver believes that this formed an unbreakable connection between the two Of them. What accounts for the shift in style Of these three chapters? Who narrates each one, and what effect is achieved? (235-256) (hint: see last paragraph on p. 235) ****** Result for Image/Page 2 ****** 7. 8. There is a shift between the past chapters and these three as these parts specifically divulge the thoughts Of the women Of 124. These are more streams-of-consciousness, rather than narration Of the past. Each Of these chapters are narrated by a different person. Sethe narrates the first one, Denver the second, and Beloved the third. What are some Of the atrocities committed, during the cramped boat ride described in Beloved's stream-of-consciousness chapter? The slaves depicted in this chapter are left dehydrated and without water. T hey can't even cry because their bodies are so deprived Of it. T hey get thrown into the ocean, and are put into chained collars in a way that is much less than humane. Why is Sixo laughing at his execution? What does he mean by "Seven-O"? (266-270) Sixo is laughing at his execution because he knows that his lover, Thirty-Mile woman has escaped with his unborn baby, "Seven-O". While he is going to die, he knows that a part Of him will still live on in his unborn baby. 9. What's the irony behind Stamp Paid's wife's name? (look up "Queen Vashti" on the Internet) Queen Vashti was Queen Of Persia and the first wife Of Persian King Ahasuerus. She is viewed as an independent-minded heroine in feminist interpretations Of the Purim story as she was banished for her refusal to appear at the king's banquet to show her beauty as the king wished. Stamp Paid's wife's name is ironic because she did not stand up for herself when she was forced to have sex with someone who was not Stamp Paid. IO. What's the meaning behind Sethe's physical transformation? (280-281) Sethe becomes very small and skinny as Beloved grows larger, almost on the verge Of looking pregnant. It represents how her daughter is pulling out her spirit and even physical presence to further herself. Essentially, as Sethe is being drained, Beloved is almost absorbing all Of her. 11. Why does Denver have such difficulty leaving 124? How do Suggs words inspire her? (286-288) Denver has difficulty leave 124 because she has not left in a long time and she does not know anyone who can help her besides Lady Jones and Stamp Paid. She is also afraid Of encountering white people after hearing about all Of the horrible things that some Of them have done. 12. What is meant by Denver's inauguration into the world as a woman? (292) Up until this point, every interaction and experience that Denver has had has been immature. Currently, she is being forced to be responsible and take care Of her other family members. This push to be independent and actually ask others for help shows her development into a mature woman. ****** Result for Image/Page 3 ****** 13. How is the community around 124 a "sweet thorny place"? The community is sweet yet thorny because they have ostracized Sethe and her family for many years after What happened in the shed. However, even though they have harbored a certain resentment against them for many years, they still come together to help Sethe expel a potentially evil spirit from her home. 14. What, ultimately, was Sethe trying to protect Beloved (and all Of her family) from? (295) Sethe was trying to protect all Of her family from being taken into slavery once again. Once she mistook Edward for school teacher (a white and very unforgiving slave master), she jumped into action in a different way than she had eighteen years ago. Instead Of mercy killing her children, she instead chose to act out against this potential intruder and fight him off with an ice pick. 15. How could Sethe, according to Denver, not want Beloved's forgiveness, but her refusal? (297) Denver saw how badly Sethe felt for What she did to Beloved when she was a child. She believes that Sethe was not seeking forgiveness because she wanted to have the punishment she thought she deserved for killing her child. In a parallel to Crime and Punishment, readers saw how Sethe needed that release, the punishment for her deeds. 16. How does Ella claim to understand what Sethe did in the shed? (301-302, 305) Ella understands the rage that Sethe had in that situation, just not her reaction to it. As a slave, she was used by a father and son, so she was very well aware Of the atrocities that were regularly committed, and understood why she wouldn't want her daughter going there, but she believed the reaction to be prideful and misdirected. 17. In answer to Paul D.'s question about Beloved being her sister, Denver says, "At times I think she was—more." How was she "more"? (314) After Beloved has gone, Denver realizes that she was never just a normal girl that had returned to her family. When she tells Paul D that she thinks she was something more she means that in the supernatural sense. She had seen Beloved fall apart at times and exert her influence on others- even suck the life out Of Sethe. She knew that Beloved was something more because these unnatural occurrences that she reflected upon simply had no other explanation. 18. What favor does Paul return to Sethe, in their meeting in Baby Suggs' bedroom? (322) Paul D restores Sethe's will to keep going when she believes the only thing worth caring about is gone. Instead Of leaving her to fend for herself and her sanity, he wishes to put his own story next to hers, and be one with her. 19. What spirit is being described in the final chapter? Consider both a literal and ****** Result for Image/Page 4 ****** symbolic (metaphorical) interpretation. How does this tie into the novel's second epigraph? (323-324, epigraphs) The spirit being described in the last paragraph is that Of Beloved. I think the overall metaphor is not only about Beloved but about all the pain, history, and suffering endured by black people. This novel highlighted the struggles Of African Americans, and Beloved herself seemed to encompass not only the spirit Of the dead child, but the spirits Of all people dating back to slaves in the Middle Passage.
Copy of Final Beloved Questions?
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Reversed Numbers?

Write a java program to print numbers reversed from 1 to 100. Example : 21 --> 12 / 13 --> 31
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Beloved Questions (Pg. 174-235) What's the inferred connection between the four horsemen who come for Sethe, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (biblical allusion, do a search online to learn more information)? (174-175, Revelatio?

Beloved Questions (Pg. 174-235) What's the inferred connection between the four horsemen who come for Sethe, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (biblical allusion, do a search online to learn more information)? (174-175, Revelations 6:1-8) The arrival of the Four Horsemen in the Bible imply the arrival of the apocalypse. The Four Horsemen in this part of the book are from Sweet Home, Sethe's former slave plantation. Their arrival implies they will soon recapture slaves, authorized under the Fugitive Slave Act. Connecting this with the Bible, the arrival of these four men imply the end of Sethe's world - her own apocalypse. These men will take her children away from her, and they will hurt her children. There is nothing worse than this to Sethe, and so she turns to set her plan in action. 2. How does Schoolteacher internalize the actions Sethe has committed against her children? (176) Instead of actually feeling guilt and sorry for the action Sethe has committed, he sees it as a liability. He is angry with his nephew for having tortured Sethe as badly as he did because he feels as though she, and all slaves, are animals that he has the responsibility of keeping from acting like so. He sees Sethe's actions as her going crazy and thinks about what he has lost- a breeding machine and four slaves. 3. What "kind of confusion" had the uncle (Schoolteacher) warned his nephew about? The "kind of confusion" that schoolteacher warned his nephew about was empathy for the slaves, or in other terms, confusing them for human beings. In his eyes, they were subhuman, property even, and so he did not want his nephew confusing them as anything more, as he was showing signs of discomfort whenever Sethe was beat. 4. Analyze the flaws in the argument found at the bottom of p. 177, which summarizes the ideology of those supporting slavery. ("All testimony to .„") This argument is that white people are doing some kind of service to society by owning slaves. They believe, through their own sinister actions, they are taking care of people who are so animalistic, they cannot survive on their own. Clearly, this is morally and absolutely wrong in all senses of the word. Claiming that owning other people is for ****** Result for Image/Page 2 ****** their own good is some twisted way of justifying the most evil thing in history. 5. What event is revealed in this section that shows how Denver might have such a keen sensitivity towards Beloved? It is revealed that Denver breastfed from her mother while she was covered in Beloved's blood. Therefore, she ingested some of her blood, strengthening their bond even further. 6. Why was Paul so dismissive about seeing Sethe's picture in the newspaper? (182-183) What about his repeated denial of her expression? (182-184, 90) Paul D was dismissive about seeing her face in the paper because he was unable to believe that it was her. He was not able to imagine that she had committed a crime of that gravity. He claimed, repeatedly, that those were not her lips. It could be simply because he normally views her in a loving and tender way. To see her mouth in an evil context threw him for a loop. 7. What is "The Look" and why was no warning given to 124? (184-185) "The Look" is an expression held by white men often looking to oppress or capture Blacks or former slaves. In this occasion, the four horsemen entering the town have "The Look," as it is later revealed that they have come to recapture Sethe and her children. The townspeople do not give warning to 124 because they are still upset after the whoop. They are frustrated and jealous at the abundance provided to them at Suggs' party, that they feel no need to warn 124 about the coming slave catchers. 8. What does Paul D. mean by calling Sethe's love "too thick?" (193-194) Paul D meant that Sethe loves her children too much. Her ability to not see right and wrong in a situation because she was clouded by love is dangerous. He does not seem willing to try to understand why she did what she did. Paul simply dismisses it as overbearing and unnecessary, not to mention wrong. 9. How does Sethe justify her decision to slay her children? (190-194) Sethe wanted to kill her children when she had heard that slave captors were coming for her, so that they would never have to experience the horrors of slavery as she had. She did not want her children to live a life worse than death. She thought that they ****** Result for Image/Page 3 ****** would be safe in God's hands. 10. What's the Fugitive Bill? How does it explain, in part, the indifference of the community around 124 to helping Sethe avoid her captors? Using the Internet or an encyclopedia, learn more about the Fugitive Slave Act and the Compromise of 1850. (201) The fugitive bill made all citizens help in the capture of escaped slaves. In order to avoid having Beloved put into slavery, Sethe resorted to killing her in order to avoid the captors. 11. Why is Stamp Paid unwilling or unable to knock on Sethe's door? (202-203) Since Stamp Paid helps many slaves, he always expects just one thing in return: for their homes to be open to him. He likes to be welcomed and feel as though everyone's family is his own. However, as he tries to knock on Sethe's doors, he hears these voices and sound that is unwelcoming. He was bothered by this, and he also felt guilty for telling Paul D about what Sethe had done. 12.1nterpret Suggs final choice, the contemplation of color, metaphorically. How is this fitting? (208-209) Suggs' final choice is metaphorically fitting because of the issues of race that were prevalent at the time. As a black woman herself, to spend the rest of her life contemplating the effect that issues of race had on her life was extremely appropriate, especially considering the fact that they had just ripped away her daughter and granddaughter away from her. Her choice is very much a reflection of a broken and tired woman who simply wants to rest. 13. VMhy does Stamp Paid begin to identify with Baby Suggs and her tiredness? (216-217) Stamp Paid begins to identify with Baby Suggs and her tiredness as Baby Suggs refused to go to the Clearing because she believed they had won but he refused to acknowledge any such victory. 14.iNhy does Stamp Paid feel he owes no debts to anyone? (218) Stamp Paid feels that he owes no debts to anyone because he had to sacrifice his own ****** Result for Image/Page 4 ****** wife when he was younger. She was given to a different, harsher slave owner. After the world took the one thing he loved the most, his debts are completely paid for the rest of his life. 15.How is Stamp Paid's former name significant? Hint: it's a biblical allusion. Read a brief online or encyclopedia summary. (218, online) Stamp Paid's original name is Joshua. In the bible, Joshua is who takes over and leads the Israelites into the Promised Land after Moses' death. It is significant because in some sense, Stamp Paid is the same, taking slaves to the "Promised Land" of their own - freedom. 16.Why does Stamp Paid get riled up over hearing about Paul D.'s living conditions? (219-220) Stamp Paid gets angered when he hears about Paul D's living conditions. After leaving Sethe, Paul D has been sleeping in the local church. No black men/women were willing to offer him a home, showing this lack of community among them. 17.VMhat does the incident between Schoolteacher and Sixo say about justice? (224-225) Justice does not exist for a slave, or for any oppressed person in this time. "Justice" is something that is interpreted by the white masters, meaning that is never truly fair to the slaves. As stated in the novel: "Clever, but schoolteacher beat him anyway to show him that definitions belonged to the definers-- not the defined." doc
 Beloved Questions (Pg. 174-235) What's the inferred connection between the four horsemen who come for Sethe, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (biblical allusion, do a search online to learn more information)? (174-175, Revelatio?
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Determine the total support reactions at A and B for the truss loaded below.?

Determine the total support reactions at A and B for the truss loaded below.
Determine the total support reactions at A and B for the truss loaded below.?
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