Thank you for Much support! from AskYip Team

Hi Everyone!

Thank you guys so much for the continuous support of which was created during Covid-19 to help students in Need with their Homework for free. When I created AskYip I wished for nothing back and accordingly so we never received any donations or payments. But then as AskYip grew from 800 users to 11,418 users over the past 6 months the uncontrollable expense from server and staffing caused me to start using more money then expected. Which lead to this stage where I have no more spare money to spend on AskYip anymore so that's why I have made the decision to shut it down exactly on 4/30/2021. But I will still help people for free over on to students who are in need.

Meanwhile, I have moved on to be a aspiring artist. If you want to support me then check my art out and leave a like or perhaps bid on it.

Artwork page:

Reddit page for free HOMEWORK HELP:

If you decide to Donate to me then please do so on either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Bitcoin Address: 384CNH2puCaDHNPhxPcRSHTrqWerGqDCkM Ethereum Address:0x09d346f3E373ad5198F4F5A2C5CFeb9D9B33beDA